Opening Night

2012 FA Cup, Extra Preliminary Round – Cobham FC v Badshot Lea FC
Friday, 19th August 2011, 7.45pm
Leg o’Mutton Field
Distance 7 miles, Attendance 105
I only wanted to go to watch a game of football… nothing more, but somehow, this trip to Leg o’Mutton Field plunged me headlong into a murky world of ground-hopping. The season at Watford, my one true love, was three hideous games old, and they faced an uninspiring trip to Coventry on Saturday. Whilst The Specials come from Coventry, going to away matches there really hasn’t given me the same highs as ska. I needed something a little more refreshing.
My wife likes Cobham, her sister lives there. My son likes Cobham, they have a skate park there. My daughter’s quite keen on the hairdressers. Being related to them I go too, but really its never held that much fascination. But the FA Cup, the FA Cup is king. And Cobham is close. At last there was a cure for my lethargy.
On the FA Cup opening night there were actually a few games to chose from but most could be discounted without much thought; AFC Emley (never herad of it), Lye Town (nor this one), Thrapston Town (again…), Walsham Le Willows (sounds French), Haringey & Waltham Development (the other side of London), Ascot United (its close but IT’S ON FACEBOOK??? Why? No forget that modern-day-mumbo-jumbo, I want football not gimicks), Sunderland RCA (too far away), Castle Vale (no idea, *makes mental note to learn more about non-league*), and Cobham. When you’re a novice, and I mean ignorant, the choice really is always a simple one.
So on a sunny Friday night, having parked by the ground, I found myself sitting pitch side, with a beer and a programme, with no emtional ties to team or players. Nice!
I won’t bore you with a full report as others will do this much better. Lets just say it was a great evening, some evenly matched play, a linesman wearing Robbie Savage’s ponytail, and a blinding Daryl Swaybe 25 yard curling freekick which put the home side 1-0 up and sent his family into raptures a few seats behind me. With the game drawing to a close Cobham had a strike harshly chalked off but really a 2-2 draw was the fair result.
As I walked back to the car my mind started drifting to the replay…
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