Hop Rules!

Following a few questions I’m putting the rules of my challenge in black and white. So…

“the long way” – A hop to The Final

Rule(s) – The hopper MUST see one game in every round of the cup competition, AND one replay in every round. This should be done without (if possible) repeating any previously seen grounds or teams.

There are only three exceptions to this rule….

1. Environmental Issue. If a trip to a midweek replay incurs a petrol-guzzling journey of more that 4hrs (round trip), then it may be deemed too long to complete without upsetting the environment, work or the family. In this instance a closer option maybe chosen, but the hopper must still try to avoid too much Ground/Team Repetition (GTR*).
2. Social Issue. Any risk of crowd trouble or hospitalisation (eg. Luton games for Watford fans) can amend the above rule. Once again the hopper must still try to avoid too much GTR.
3. Moral Issue. All games involving MK Dons carry a serious moral dilemma (45% of gate receipts go to each club playing in the tie). An alternative game may be preferable. Once again the hopper must still try to avoid too much GTR.
Point scoring
There are a possible 10 pts for each game. Points will be awarded for progress, as follow;
1pt – attending a game
3pts – new ground
3pts – new team
3pts – new team
*GTR (Ground/Team Repetition) is calculated in degrees of severity.
Good: repeating visit to a Ground without repeating either Team.
Bad: repeating one ground AND one team, OR repeating both Teams without repeating the Ground.
Ugly: repeating visit to a Ground AND repeating both Teams.
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2 Responses to Hop Rules!

  1. drbillyo says:

    QFs onwards might throw up some repeat issues. Quite possibly some ticket availability problems too…

  2. putajumperon says:

    Repeat issues (or GTR as I’ve dubbed it) can be avoided until the final, in an ideal world. To counter this I added the point scoring too… Currently, from 14 games, I’m on 131/140.

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