Thomas Hardy… I’m sorry!

Southern League Premier Division – Oxford City FC v Weymouth FC
Saturday, 28th January 2012, 3pm
Court Place Farm Stadium
Distance 60 miles, Attendance 260

I longed to see a nine-goal thriller, filled with flagons of beer. The final goal would be a killer; as fans did raise a cheer. Then home to wife and fine warm villa… But the truth is not so clear.
I’d chanced upon The Lamb and Flag, St. Giles, in Oxford’s city. Outside the chill did bite and nag, so I dressed just like a yeti. A camera sat safe in my bag. Our meet was rather witty.

Home fans had worn The City blue, whilst Terras donned a yellow. Aft’ forty-five of toil they drew; ref was a busy fellow. But goals would please our motley crew, and sate the crowd’s loud bellow!
Weymouth laboured without return; City brace did fail to please. Game done our group now sort to learn, more scores to mock or tease, with beers and thanks to all who had come, on this fine Socrates!

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