FA Cup, Semi Final – Liverpool FC v Nottingham Forest FC
Saturday, 15th April 1989, 3pm – 3.06pm
Hillsborough (Sheffield Wednesday FC)
For twenty-three years, lies, deceit and corruption have accompanied the deaths of 96 innocent football supporters. For twenty-three years, a cover up has taken place and grieving families have been denied justice.
Thankfully I wasn’t there but, as the news of the tragedy unfolded, my (very last, happy) birthday drew to a abrupt close. Every year since – as this football lover opens cards and gifts – I struggle to get over it. I’ve often been reduced to tears wondering why this had to happen. Why weren’t lives saved after 3.15pm? What would I have done had it been Watford? How could I have saved my young son had we been there? For me the questions are endless but for others, lives have been ruined.
With the aid of the documents released today, I hope the families can find some peace, and that those who wilfully pointed the finger of blame at the Liverpool supporters can all be finally held accountable.
Justice For The 96
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One Response to WHY?

  1. hopticklist says:

    Nice blog. We entered a police state in 1979. One person in particular to blame, and she is still alive. Thankfully the Police are ‘slightly’ more accountable now.

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