Fellow Yellows – V.V. Ter Leede (Double Dutch part 2)

KNVB Landelijke, Topklasse Zaterdag
V.V. Ter Leede v HHC Hardenberg
Saturday, 9th November 2013, 2.30pm
Sportpark Roodemolen
Entrance €8, Programme €1 (both complimentary)
Distance 359 miles, Attendance 600
This week I have found that, when a post-match boardroom – packed with directors, players and sponsors – stops to applaud you for bringing them luck; it’s a fairly humbling experience.

131109 Topklasse Ter Leede v  HHC Hardenberg (30)b

Taking my little brother on his first European groundhop, I’d hoped to see back-to-back games at two Topklasse (3rd Division) clubs and, be home in time for dinner. Being my first “cultural visit” to Amsterdam, there were a few factors I hadn’t anticipated.
After the age taken for taxiing, there was a feeling our pilot may have landed in Antwerp instead. The walk to passport control was longer still and, once we’d cleared customs and circumnavigated the slow printer and droll quips of the Avis staff, I was wondering if it was already time to go home.
Our poor punctuality – even after the short drive towards Den Haag – meant we had missed our chosen first game but its replacement put on a wonderful community display, hosting football of all ages, where the competition was fierce and stray balls ended up in the canal. A fair 1-1 draw in the bag, we left SV Nootdorp and headed for the main event.
131109 Topklasse Ter Leede v  HHC Hardenberg (38)bArriving in Sassenheim a little later than planned, our pre-arranged host was busy entertaining another English group; the very amusing stag party of York City fan, Mike Jackson. Breaking their weekend stride a tad, they’d headed for Ter Leede for different reasons but come the final whistle, to-a-man, we were all celebrating along with every other member of the Rood Geel Army.
Two hours earlier we’d been greeted by the coach’s wife, Sandra, with complimentary tickets, programmes and refreshments, and with introductions to all and sundry we’d taken our seats in the stand opposite the club house. As is customary, Chairman Jaap Wijntjes stood behind the away goal – to “chat” with the opposition’s keeper – and the game was kicked off by the “Player of the Week”.

131109 Topklasse Ter Leede v  HHC Hardenberg (19)b

Pointing the way for the senior team the E1 youth player, Marijn Elfring, dribbled up field then fired past Hardenberg’s goalkeeper Sander Danes. Much later – before being interviewed in the boardroom by both the Man of the Match, Frank de Groot, and Organisation Chairman Peter Scheltus – Marijn was rewarded with a seat on the bench and halftime penalties against Ter Leede’s reserve keeper but now, it was time for the main match.
131109 Topklasse Ter Leede v  HHC Hardenberg (62)bThough bottom of the league, Ter Leede promisingly started the stronger side against mid-table Hardenberg. Fans favourite Yordi Teijsse had some nice touches but couldn’t find the target; Olaf Schell also fired over unnecessarily. Elsewhere on the team, keeper Serge van der Ban and Robert Steemers deservedly took the plaudits though; sadly neither could prevent Hardenberg from taking the lead on the half hour. Van der Ban blocked the first shot superbly but Wesley Wakker rifled in the rebound through a crowded box.
131109 Topklasse Ter Leede v  HHC Hardenberg (64)bThey may have been behind but nothing suggested this was deserved. In the second period, Teijsse turned brilliantly before hitting the bar and had a header well saved. Jonathan Robertson also came close. Behind us, familiar beer-fuelled cries in northern tones filled the air and soon, common English football chants were willing Ter Leede on. I wouldn’t be so bold to suggest this worked but when Frank de Groot levelled, it was reasonably clear we all believed the game was there for the taking.
Before long the away support wasn’t singing anymore, Teijsse had headed the winner, Hardenberg’s Bjorn Zwikker was sent off for complaining and, a Neil Smillie lookalike ran out as the final sub. Whilst I went to buy a scarf, back in the bar the buoyant mood was enjoyed by all, as fans and families of both teams mingled amiably
Like other Dutch clubs, semi-professional Ter Leede is blessed with great facilities and a wonderful community spirit. Their women’s team continues to be highly successful and the men’s team is on the up too. Behind these flagships lie a host of youth teams and an array of hard-working and welcoming volunteers. If you find yourself in Amsterdam and in need a sporting fix, don’t look further than Sassenheim.


shorts league
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Initially appearing in the 2013-14 Watford FC matchday programmes, consequently these reports will have a delayed publication on here.

Fellow Yellows programme (12)

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