Fellow Yellows – Unió Esportiva Sant Andreu

Segona Divisió B, Grup III
UE Sant Andreu v Levante B
Sunday, 16th February 2014, 12pm
Camp Municipal Narcís Sala
Entrance €10, Monthly Programme free (paid for by advertising)
Distance 955 miles, Attendance 1402
There has to come a point where I don’t become emotionally attached to football matches; at the very least I should be able to remain a respectful distance from teams that aren’t my own but, I can’t.
140216 UE Sant Andreu v Levante B (30)wIt mattered not that the press officer – Oriol Pablo – had kindly replied to my email with welcoming yet cautionary overtones, leaping out of my seat is just part and parcel of my matchday experience. And so it was, I found myself pacing about the Tribune as my adopted team strived to improve on a slow start to the season.
Introduced to football by Scots from the local spinning industry, Sant Andreu have spent the majority of their 100 year history in the Spanish 3rd division. Sadly overshadowed by the city’s other team, their support comes almost entirely from the local community.
Joining this amiable band, we’d risen early and fought our way through the Barcelona half marathon, before taking a very short metro ride to Onze de Setembre; right next to the stadium. A leisurely coffee at nearby Anabel’s was followed by stroll through the morning sunshine, photographing all manner of footballing essentials.

140216 UE Sant Andreu v Levante B (92)w

With no linguistic knowledge of Catalan, inside the stadium before kick-off, a mixture of sign language and patience had been enough to secure refreshments, team sheet and seating arrangements and, whilst my lovely wife sat in the sun reading a book, her “glorified trainspotter” husband went in search of kindred spirits.
140216 UE Sant Andreu v Levante B (52)A few weeks earlier, the team had been just ten minutes away from a famous away victory over Atlético Madrid in the Copa del Rey. In the home leg the stadium had been filled to bursting despite the aggregate loss; today however there were far fewer. Before the main event, youth games could be watched out on the 3G surface and as soon as our game finished, the U16 team began warming up. In all sixteen matches would be played in the stadium over the weekend. Some supporters would clearly take more but I felt it prudent to “treat” my lovely wife to just one for Valentines.
Once the corner flags had been located, Levante B kicked off and immediately demonstrated their flair for rolling about to sway officials before jogging off in prime physical condition; a scene I’m sorry to say, they would re-enacted often.
In the Sant Andreu defence, the imposing Mozό lead his line well but, before him fortunes improved only after the wingers swapped flanks. From then on, the midfield – including the impressive Ton Alcover – began to dominate and increasing chances fell to the home side. Xavi Jiménez found space for good runs on the right, Josu cut inside but his curling shot was saved and, Matas headed over before having a shot well saved.
140216 UE Sant Andreu v Levante B (125)wAfter 25 minutes it was clear the visitors had had enough. Finding their own way to upset both the rhythm of play and the home support, it wasn’t long before handbags were compared and yellow cards flew like confetti. By the end the visitors had rightfully won the card count 6-4 whilst, Sant Andreu had also received a somewhat surprising straight red after another of visiting Travner’s theatrical encores.
In between, Quim Araujo and Matas had some great opportunities and late in the first half, captain Morales made an incredible double save from Fonte’s penalty; first low to the left then low to the right. Whilst lively Mike Oldfield tunes rang out from behind the goal, the visiting bench even more animated.

140216 UE Sant Andreu v Levante B (142)w

The second period again saw Sant Andreu dominate early on but, once a Paul Warhurst look-a-like was brought on, the game predictably turned. Sant Andreu still had some chances but Galán’s dominance up front gave Levante a clear advantage. Towards the end of the game Morales could only parry his fierce shot, leaving himself helpless to Higόn’s follow up.
140216 UE Sant Andreu v Levante B (190)wAs we headed off for Sagrada Família, I knew I’d made all the right choices in coming to this game. There was enough both on and off the pitch to easily appreciate this club’s potential however like new coach, Martí Cifuentes – having kicked every ball – even with the very obvious language barriers, I too was equally frustrated.
shorts league
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Initially appearing in the 2013-14 Watford FC matchday programmes, consequently these reports will have a delayed publication on here.

140216 UE Sant Andreu programme

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