United with Warren – Reviewing ITV’s new animated football show

The Football Pink



Sitting up into the night, waiting for a “niche” show, requires a “special” sort of person.

Within a blended universe of nocturnal Trans World Sport reruns and Schaffner’s Planet of the Apes I was, and probably still am, snuggled nicely into that target audience. Want someone to catch others busting moves on Soul Train and/or, happily ignore the very obvious conflict between global time differences and the following morning’s work commitments during the 1994 World Cup? In both, I am unquestionably “your man”. Tune in for late night pontificating discussion shows with Germaine Greer guesting, er… probably not so.

Though the line of demarcation may have softened over time, back in 1997, doubtless Germaine and I had nothing in common. With our own special idiosyncrasies, we’re probably still fairly incompatible but – having shared a special moment that morning – I really wanted her opinion.


Overlooking the…

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