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photography blog: putajumperon

ello: @putajumperon (for those with an invite)

facebook: putajumperon (but Mark Suckybloke doesn’t like me anymore)

there’s a theme appearing here…

2 Responses to contact

  1. Hi Ashley,

    I just wanted to send you a brief message and say hi. I read about you today on the website of my hometown’s Newspaper, Der Teckbote.,-In-die-Fussballprovinz-der-Liebe-wegen-_arid,78092.html#.UWu4Ksx3T7k.facebook

    I think it’s fantastic that you visited VFL Kirchheim. When I was a child I supported the club passionately. One of the players lived in our house as a lodger; a really nice guy and me and my friends were his little ‘fanclub’.

    I came across your blog before as I’m an avid Hampton and Richmond FC Supporter. Fantastic work! I’ve been living in London for nearly 6 years now and Hampton is my local club where I’m also active as a volunteer and in the Supporters Trust. Like you, I believe that Non-League clubs need our money and support more than Premier League clubs. I’ve written a blog entry about Non-League football if you’d like to have a look:

    Keep up the great work and let me know next time you’re paying the Beveree a visit!

    All the best,

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