Sorry lovely wife but I’ve had an idea…
For the next four seasons I’ll be following the winner… from 2016 Kreispokal,  2017 Landespokal and through 2018 DFB Pokal into Europe, for the 2019 Europa League and ultimately the subsequent European Super Cup Final… I hope.
Four Seasons, Five Cups, One Journey… from somewhere in Düsseldorf to wherever that Super Cup Final is.

Niederrheinpokal 2017

Runde 2 – SV Bedburdyck/Gierath v Rot-Weiß Oberhausen
Runde 2 – SGE Bedburg-Hau v TSV Meerbusch
Runde 1 – 1.FC Mönchengladbach v Rot-Weiß Oberhausen (0-2)
Runde 1 – SG Unterrath v TSV Meerbusch (2-4, game missed)

Kreispokal Düsseldorf 2016

Final – Rather SV v SG Unterrath (0-5, report to come)
Halbfinale – DJK Tusa 06 Düsseldorf v Rather SV (1-1, 2-2 AET, 3-5 pens, report to come)
Viertelfinale –  Rather SV v SV Oberlick 09 Düsseldorf (5-0, report to come)
Runde 2 – SV Oberlick 09 Düsseldorf v SG Benrath-Hassels (4-1, report to come)
Runde 1 – SG Benrath-Hassels v FC Büderich (4-2, Match Report)
Qualifikation Runde – SG Benrath-Hassels v FC Büderich (2-1, Match Report)

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